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Collector Motors. Your Classic Car Dealer.

Cars have always been part of American history. Classics as refers to cars are timeless works of art that get better with age. The owners have been in the car business since the seventies, classic just like the cars! Most of these treasures are from the 60's! The company is a Texas licensed dealer, formed in 2005.

Our vehicles can be found in museums throughout the world, as well as individuals spanning the globe.

USA| Moscow | Tokyo | Sydney | London 

Hong Kong | Dubai | Zurich | Berlin | Warsaw

As purveyors of fine cars, founding members of Collector Motors started a "location" company with the intent of seeking out the proverbial, "needles in the haystack!" Collector Motors sources and restores these gems for clients all over the globe.

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7786 Blankenship Dr., Houston, TX 77055
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